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Since its inception in 1998, the Diploma - Oxford University’s only Undergraduate course in Creative Writing - has offered significant opportunities for students to explore and develop their individual writerly skills. Providing two years of intensive part-time study and more than 200 contact hours, the Diploma encourages sustained involvement in a wide range of literary projects. An ethos of breadth and experiment is fostered by concentration on four major categories of literary activity: prose, poetry, drama and analytical reading. At the same time, there is scope for specialization in areas of each student’s individual choice.

The stimulation of group discussion is balanced and augmented by regular one-to-one contact between tutors and students. These individual tutorials, combined with a restriction of student numbers in each year to around seventeen, ensure each student has the opportunity to explore and develop his or her own particular writerly talents.

Work on a book-length project in your chosen genre – poetry, fiction, non-fiction, scriptwriting. Receive excellent mentoring from experienced writers and valuable feedback from workshopping with other students. Add to this your own motivation and discipline, and by the end of the year produce the first draft of a book-length manuscript (and often much more).